5 Handy & FREE Scheduling Tools For Your Facebook Posts

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If your idea of social media management is manually posting content to your Facebook page every day, you’re doing it wrong. Yep, I said it.

I am all for “being human” on Facebook but being human also means occasionally forgetting to post. It also means some days you won’t find good content or maybe you won’t even find the time to post something.

If consistency is one of your social media resolutions for 2014, I highly recommend giving in to scheduling your posts. Scheduling posts doesn’t make your page less human – you can still maintain your social voice. Scheduling will however make sure you’re regularly posting content and keeping your Facebook audience engaged.

free scheduling tools

Here are my top picks for FREE scheduling tools that will have you scheduling like a boss –

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the leaders when it comes to social media management tools. It’s a favourite for social media marketers managing multiple accounts across multiple platforms. It allows you to schedule your posts (along with images) for the exact time and day you’d like it to be published. The paid version has several additional features available however I think the free version does a pretty impressive job. Try it.

hootsuite free scheduling

2. Buffer

Buffer is another great scheduling tool I use a lot. Similar to Hootsuite, you can write posts and schedule them for when you’d like them to be posted. But, the reason I really love Buffer is actually its handy Chrome plugin. So when I’m reading an article I like and think it would be useful for a Facebook page, I just hit the little plugin icon and it “buffers” the content for me to be published at a later time. By default, Buffer will auto assign a time your post will be published and if you’ve added more than 1 piece of content into Buffer, it will spread them over the course of the day so you’re not spamming your audience. Pretty cool hey?

scheduling with buffer

3. Post Planner

Post Planner is one I’ve discovered only recently and I’m actually having quite a bit of fun with it. You can use it to schedule your posts but what I like even more is that it actually gives you good ideas for posts. Also, if you have certain posts that you repeat every now and then you can set a repeat schedule too in Post Planner. So when you’re running out of content and need to schedule a couple of posts before the weekend, head to Post Planner.

post planner scheduling

4. Networked Blogs

Do you have a business blog? You should definitely be promoting it on Facebook then! While I prefer not to auto-post blog posts on to Facebook pages, sometimes it must be done you know?  If you like set and leave and would like your blog posts to be automatically published to your page, then I recommend checking out Networked Blogs. You will need to verify you’re the author and after that, each blog post will be automagically published to your page. Hooray!

networked blogs scheduler

5. Facebook Page Scheduler

Third party tools have been offering scheduling services for a long time but did you know you could do it from directly within Facebook itself too? It’s not a feature I use a whole lot but it can be handy. You can schedule posts into your activity log and set the month/day/time for it to be shared. I like to use it when I’m sharing links as it gives me a preview of what the thumbnail will look like once its published to Facebook. Perhaps it could be handy for you too?

facebook page scheduling tool

There are plenty of other handy tools, I’m sure but these are my favourite five when it comes to free scheduling tools.  Each does the job of scheduling but is also different from the others. Try them out and let me know what you think?

Do you have any other scheduling tools you’d like to share?

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